Warning of looming massive power crisis

The country will face a massive power crisis and the Ceylon Electricity Board will be in a similar situation financially, within the next five to six years as a result of the absence of an electricity generation plan since 2014, warns CEB engineers’ union president Saumya Kumarawadu.

The engineers have already cautioned about possible power-cuts that would last for several hours.

A loss of around Rs. 356 billion will be incurred as a result of the Public Utilities Commission sabotaging plans to build new power plants, according to him.

Kumarawadu says that loss has been calculated with the use of a stochastic dual dynamic programme (SDDP).

The power plants the CEB planned to set up would have produced electricity at a cost of less than Rs. 10 per unit, but at the rate of the prevailing fuel prices, the diesel power generation will cost around Rs. 25 per unit.

If there is no change to the fuel prices, diesel power generation alone will incur a loss of around Rs. 650 billion.