Southern Expressway bus fare reduction from July 01

The bus fares charged for busses plying the Southern Expressway will be reduced from July 01 and accordingly, the bus fare of Rs. 600 charged from Matara to Colombo would be reduced to Rs. 460, said the Chairman of the Passenger Transport Company Aruna Halpe.

He said this addressing the media at the Matara Thanayama. He noted that by having two separate standards and laws for the Southern Expressway and the Colombo Katunayake Expressway the people are being treated unfairly.

“The unfair treatment is that on the Southern Expressway, a passenger is charged Rs. 140 for one way as taxes while travelling from Matara to Colombo Fort, Matara – Maharagama, Matara – Kadawatha and Matara Kaduwela. This tax is charged by the National Transport Commission and the Transport Ministry.

These officials charge this amount and then engage in foreign tours etc and enjoy that money while the transport sector is in peril. We have come to a point where we pay taxes twice for the same journey.

When we enter a bus to the Expressway for one journey the RDA charges us Rs. 1550.

In addition, the National Transport Commission charges Rs. 6100 per journey. They sustain themselves with this while the passengers and the bus owners are in trouble,” he said.