Investigations to nab Shanil for threatening Anika

nvestigations are underway to arrest a businessman named Shanil Nettasinghe who allegedly threatened the owner of the house that was bought by Perpetual Treasuries Company Arjun Aloysius and given to Ravi Karunanayake, Anika Wijesuriya.

Investigations have revealed that the businessman had threatened the lives of Anika and her brother Vijitha Wijesuriya and family members, over the telephone.

The Treasury Commission that was notified of the death threats to Anika and her family had notified the IG and provided them police protection.

Police Headquarters revealed that while Anika is currently overseas, protection has been provided to her brother and other family members.

Investigations have already commenced into the threatening phone calls and according to Police Headquarters, the businessman in question is expected to be  summoned to the CID for questioning.

Minister’s daughter?

It is also reported that the said businessman had told his close friends that Anika’s family members were his close friends and that the phone call was a mere prank.

This prominent businessman is to marry the daughter of a prominent government minister, it is said.