Appeal to be filed against Vidya case verdict

The convicts in the Sivaloganathan Vidya rape and murder case will file an appeal within 14 days, according to their lawyer.

Lawyer Mahinda Jayawardena was speaking to the media after the three-member trial-at-bar found the seven accused guilty and sentenced them to death.

He said the crime had been committed by someone else.

Sri Lanka to halt import of non-essential food items & unhealthy foods

President Maithripala Sirisena says that the National Economic Council expects to take immediate steps to stop importing of all non-essential food items as well as unhealthy foods into the country.

He made these remarks at the opening of the Agricultural Exhibition held at the Training Institute of Department of Agriculture in Bombuwala, Kalutara.

The exhibition organized by the Western Provincial Ministry of Agriculture under the theme ‘Saru Diviyata Krushi Saviya’ will be held till September 27, the President’s Media Division said.

Consumer Affairs Authority Allows LP Gas Price Hike With District-based Maximum Retail Prices

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has sent a Price Determination Notification (PDN) yesterday to the domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) suppliers Litro Gas Lanka and LAUGFS Gas PLC, allowing them to revise their domestic LP Gas prices.  Accordingly, new District-wise LPG Maximum Retail Prices too have now been finalised by the CAA.

The notification was sent in accordance with Section 18 of CAA Act and is in response to previous applications to do so by the domestic LP Gas supplier firms Litro Gas Lanka and LAUGFS Gas PLC to allow them to revise their  prices in the market.

Prices of three food items to be increased

In addition to the increase in gas prices, the eatery owners have been plunged from the frying pan into the fire, said the Canteen Owners  Association.

Under the current circumstances, they will be compelled to increase the food prices, said its national organiser Asela Sampath.

He further said, “The All Ceylon Canteen Owners Association will meet today and take a decision on increasing the price of food items. We have already focussed on increasing the price of three food items. Accordingly, we will decide on a price for lunch packets, milk tea and short eats. We intend to implement this price revision through the Consumer Affairs Authority,” he added.

Mental required for driving license

In obtaining a driving license in addition to the medical fitness certificate, applicants will also soon be required to submit a mental health certificate, said the Chairman of the National Council for Road Safety (NCRS), Dr. Sisira Kodagoda.

He said this measure was being taken due to the rising number of road accidents.

Measures have been taken to submit a Cabinet proposal by the Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva.

Army chief displeased with Fonseka’s remark

Army chief Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake urges that the highly-reputed Army be not linked to personal rivalries.

If anyone publicly criticizes a single Army officer, that affects the entire Army, he says.

Senanayake stresses that the Army never committed war crimes.

He goes onto say that although he had been kicked out of the Army once, he never spoke against the Army.