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Ven. Theripaha Siridhamma Thero, the chief incumbent of the Gal Oluwa Sri Sambuddha Jayanthi Viharaya, who launched an indefinite fast last evening in front of the Rathupaswala latex glove factory, has concluded the fast after discussions with the authorities.

The protesters were reportedly blocking the entrance of the factory, which is protected by Police and STF personnel, and are not allowing the workers to leave.

Over 300 workers including women are trapped inside the factory since last evening, Ada Derana reporter said.

The factory was temporarily shut down, pending an inquiry, while President Rajapaksa had ordered that it be shifted to a BOI zone.

Dipped Products PLC the company which owns the latex glove manufacturing factory at Rathupaswala yesterday stated that it will resume operations for an interim period pending its relocation.

The factory opened for non-production related activities soon after the multi-stakeholder meeting with the President on August 12.