Gossip Lanka

The government provides tax relief for 1% of the population but the rest of the 99% only get over taxed, Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe stated.

He said that government’s only answer to the rising costs for the working class was to increase electricity tariffs for users of above 60 units while he questioned as to who uses less that 60 units a month on electricity.

Wickremasinghe stated that the Rajapaksha regime had created another world record of increasing electricity tariffs while international oil prices dropped and rainfall in Sri Lanka increased.

He charged that the public were now indirectly paying for the corruption of the government.

The UNP Leader also pointed out that the government had engaged in a number of loss-making and fruitless ventures including the Norochchalai power plant and the Hambantota harbour while adding that the electricity tariff increase was implemented in order for the government to be able to pay off the debts acquired for these projects.

He also alleged that the government had not been able to manage the power plants under its authority in order to provide an efficient service.