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The newly appointed Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Vigneshwaran stated today (October 25) that he cannot condone the army’s presence in the North based on national security.

He said that the army has to stop acquiring land for their own use and return it to its rightful owners while mechanisms must be in place to ensure that this happens.

He promised to focus on resettling those who were driven from their homes in the North during the 1990s.

The Chief Minister also revealed that it was wrong to act without understanding the language, culture and civilization of the Tamil community while he added that police had become an obstacle to the people of the North in their daily affairs. He added that it would therefore be wise to recruit people of the North to the police force in the area.

He assured the people that he will not allow corruption within his time as Chief Minister and will work to rehabilitate those who are disrespectful to public service.

Vigneshwaran stressed that the people of the South should not consider the people of the North as separatists but he condemned the army’s alleged involvement in illegal resettlement in the North.

He also added that the Northern harbour must be re-established in order to help develop the country.